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TCCL Sewing Talent courses

Professional Courses

TCCL provides the most industrial professional courses for the entry of the primary class、the professional class and certificate classes


  • Basic Courses >>

    Sewing for Beginner

    The course is designed for beginners to learn basic concepts、skills、sewing machine operating and finish different projects.


  • Primary Clothes Courses>>

    Make clothes so Easy
    The course contains simple guideline and basic skill for making clothes easily. It is dream come true for almost every person who want to make special hand- made clothes for love ones.


  • Machine Quilting Primary Course>>

    Basic machine quilting course from match color、quilt patterns、machine quilting skills and tools for beginner.


  • Trendy Clothes Professional Course>>

    The trendy clothes and matching accessory courses are designed by TCCL teachers. You may create your own fashion style through the courses through discussions with teacher about fabric、color with fitted patterns.


  • Quilting Life professional Courses>>

    The course includes popular machine quilt patterns、pattern origins 、pattern mark up、color matching and skills. Join the quilting art, join the professional course.


  • Clothes Certification Course>>

    The course is professional programs for clothes designed with seasonal editions. The professional clothes certification will be issued for measurement、pattern mark up and produce.)


  • Quilting Life Certification Courses>>

    The member only course requires teacher’s approval and certain assigned projects have be completed in advance. The course focus on quilt patterns、 patterns mark up and color wheel quilt mural.


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